zDRIP Staking and Automint

Due to the behind the scenes processing and technology involved, staking zDRIP is, and always will be, more resource intensive than staking normal DRIP. You should still expect any device that can successfully stake DRIP to be able to successfully stake zDRIP.

However, if, as a result of your particular device not having ample CPU processing power and memory available, you are getting occasional orphan blocks whilst staking DRIP, you should expect a slight increase in the occurrences of these if you choose to stake zDRIP as opposed to DRIP when our zerocoin protocol is activated.

To reward people for staking zDRIP as opposed to DRIP, and facing the slight increase in orphan blocks as a result, there will be increased rewards for staking zDRIP. However, these are only set to begin at block 302,400 . This is set to happen in December at the same time as the second reduction in block rewards.

This is the point at which we really want to push for usage of zDRIP, the private version of our coin, as opposed to DRIP. It’s also when we intend to start the switch from marketing DRIP as an investment to marketing DRIP as a form of payment.

Given the above information, you must decide whether you’d like to test out zDRIP before the rewards increase for doing so or whether you’d like to continue to stake DRIP. Of course, the option is always there to do both and the default is currently set to convert 10% of your DRIP holdings to zDRIP when we activate the zerocoin protocol. This automatic conversion of DRIP to zDRIP is known as ‘automint’ within the DRIP ecosystem.

There is no special process for staking zDRIP. Whilst staking is active, your wallet will stake whatever coins are held within it, regardless of whether that is DRIP, zDRIP or a combination of the two.

We anticipate that a lot of people will leave it at the default setting and that 10% of their DRIP holdings will, indeed, be converted to zDRIP via the ‘automint feature’. However, if you’d like to continue solely staking DRIP until zDRIP actually becomes more profitable, you can disable the automint feature (or change the percentage) via the following action on your DRIP wallet:

[Settings > Options > Main > Enable zDRIP Automint]

You’ll also see the option to change the percentage as opposed to enable/disable automint altogether on the same screen.

We wish you all the best with your staking and we’ll keep you informed on the lead-up to zerocoin activation as well as on the lead-up to the increase in rewards for staking zDRIP as opposed to DRIP.