The information below details the core development team activity. Other core team activity may be added based upon community feedback over the coming months.

In addition, the monthly budget available and funded via the masternode voting system will allow members of our community to suggest and, where possible, implement features of their own. Obviously, where such features impact the DRIP code itself, the DRIP core team will review prior to implementation.

Note: Initial exchange has been changed from CryptoBridge to due to the ongoing deposit and withdrawal issues at CryptoBridge

Q2 2018

Release Wallets and Start Blockchain100%
Miner Funding Program100% Funding and Listing100% Funding and Listing100%

Q3 2018

Exchange 2: Funding/Listing100%
zDRIP Activation - Privacy Features40%
Release Proposal for Large Exchange Listing0%
Android App15%
IOS App0%

Q4 2018

Spend Privately As Bitcoin Implementation0%