How to Stake

Download the DRIP wallet

Staking with DRIP is extremely simple. Please follow these steps to ensure that you’re on the network and earning those coveted DRIP rewards.

The DRIP wallet for your operating system can be found here

Obtain mintable coins

Make sure you have sent coins to your wallet and that those coins received have 51+ confirmations. This simply involves receiving DRIP coins and waiting for 51 minutes.

Encrypt your wallet

If you haven’t done so already, encrypt your wallet and password protect with a password of your choice. To do so, in the DRIP Core client, click Settings > Encrypt Wallet.

Unlock your wallet

In the DRIP Core client, click Settings > Unlock Wallet.

Ensure you’ve selected ‘For anonymization, automint, and staking only’.

Enter your password and click “OK”.

Reap the rewards

Your staking setup is now complete. Within a few minutes, you should see an additional green icon on the bottom right of the wallet which, when hovered over, will tell you that staking is active.

All you need to do now is sit back and watch the rewards roll in.