In a world where three billion people are connected online, cars drive themselves and appliances can communicate, global payments are still stuck in the disco era.

Why? The payment infrastructure was built before the Internet with few updates.

Decentralized Rewarding Instant Payments

What is DRIP Coin?

DRIP coin is a cryptocurrency that will soon deploy features unavailable anywhere else.

At present, we are a privacy coin meaning that you can send your coins to anyone whilst keeping your identity, and the balance of any funds within your wallet, secret. Of course, you can also send funds publicly as with any other coin – there are two versions of the coin, both equally valued, and they are interchangeable within the wallet.

We also offer a unique feature that, as far as we are aware, is unavailable anywhere else – Retailer Rewards. Basically, with each block reward, we offer the typical staker reward seen in any proof-of-stake coin, a masternode reward and a retailer reward. A retailer reward is a reward of DRIP coin sent to the last person to whom the winner of each blocks’ proof-of-stake reward sent DRIP to. This could be anyone – a friend, relative or retail outlet. However, for the purposes of our future marketing, we are calling it a Retailer Reward, i.e. it is intended to entice retailers to accept DRIP.

  • Proof of Stake 3.0: Verification of Transactions
  • Masternodes: Privacy Features & Community Governance
  • Retailer Rewards to Promote Widespread Acceptence
  • Spend Privately as Bitcoin Coming Soon
  • Instant In-Wallet Payment Visibility
  • SwiftTX Transactions: No Need for Multiple Confirmations
  • Private Staking - Staking Rewards without Public Visibility

DRIP coin is built to last. Our block rewards are set up in a manner to quickly increase supply to an adequate number before dropping off block rewards to a level that ensures a low inflation rate and a sustainable means of exchange.

DRIP coins retailer reward feature will give our future marketing team a solid foundation upon which to attract new clients, national and international, to accept DRIP as payment.

Very few cryptocurrencies today offer the ability to, not just spend privately, but to earn proof of stake rewards whilst maintaining anonymity – DRIP coin is one of these currencies.

The ‘Spend Privately as Bitcoin’ feature will allow DRIP holders to spend their DRIP anywhere that accepts Bitcoin in complete privacy and all fully-automated from within the DRIP wallet. This is an option not available anywhere else and gives people good reason to hold DRIP instead of Bitcoin if privacy is of any concern.

Technology in DRIP Coin.

The DRIP Coin System

DRIP coin connects consumers, retailers and corporations to provide a single, low-cost, efficient means to send money globally.

  • Worldwide connectivity
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Low operational and liquidity costs

Privacy Is Priority

With Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, sending funds to any recipient gives that recipient an opportunity to review the blockchain and find out much more information about you that you would typically like. To give a real-world example, when you buy something from your local clothing store, do you really want them to know how much you have in your wallet? This is where zDRIP, the private coin within the DRIP ecosystem, comes in.

zDRIP sent to Masternodes

Masternodes mix all zDRIP for the block

Recipient receives DRIP with no traceability to you

Where To Trade DRIP Coin

DRIP Coin will be listed in various popular crypto exchanges


DRIP coin connects consumers, retailers and corporations to provide a single, low-cost, efficient means to send money globally – and, where desired, with complete anonymity.